Greater Houston’s Reliable Hood Vent Cleaners & Fire System Technicians

Dirty kitchens exhaust systems can be dangerous and costly. Hiring expert cleaners & fire inspectors shouldn’t be.

At Hot’z, we strive to become an irreplaceable part of your restaurant’s team—that means we make quality and reliability our top concerns. You shouldn’t have to wonder if your hood vents are being cleaned correctly, if they are up to code or when your cleaning or fire suppression companies are going to show up. And with Hot’z, you don’t!

We get the job done right the first time, staying on top of all of your kitchen exhaust needs. In fact, we can keep you up to code and perform the fire suppression inspection on your hood, saving you time and money—so you can stay compliant and spend your valuable time focusing on what you do best… running your restaurant!

We serve the Greater Houston area and many other Southeast Texas areas.

Hot’z is proud to offer:
  • Efficient, Reliable and Friendly Cleaning Service
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Inspections
  • Before and After Photos Cataloging Your System’s Progress
  • NFPA #96 Fire Code and Health Code Compliant Cleanings
  • $1 Million Coverage To Keep You and Your Kitchen Protected