Why You Should Hire a Kitchen Hood Cleaning Company

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is necessary in order to meet local codes and to ensure food safety. When it comes to finding a kitchen hood cleaning service, feel free to call us at Hot'z. We are a professional kitchen hood cleaning company in Houston, TX. We will ensure that your kitchen hood will pass fire and sanitary inspections with flying colors.

Our team will also help you save time. Cleaning a kitchen hood in Houston, TX, is a serious job so you should let the experts do the dirty work for you. We will perform deep cleaning using the proper cleaning agents and tools. Rest assured that all the grime, grease, and dirt will be removed from your kitchen hood.

Above all, our kitchen hood cleaning service in Houston, TX, will prevent damage to your kitchen. A dirty hood will get damaged and potentially injure an employee.

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What to ask when hiring a kitchen hood cleaning service:

When hiring a kitchen hood cleaning company in Houston, TX, you must ask these question that we, at Hot’z, prioritize:

Are you insured? Hot’z is a fully insured kitchen hood cleaning company in Houston, TX, with $1 million worth of coverage. We invest in the protection of our employees and clients as part of our service.

How will you clean my kitchen hood? You should always know what happens inside your commercial kitchen. Our hood cleaners will explain the process to you and ensure that standard protocols will be followed.

How long will the cleaning be? Depending on the size of your kitchen hood and the amount of filth, cleaning time will vary. We can clean average size hoods in 2 to 4 hours so you can get back to business fast.