Why Should You Have Your Restaurant’s Kitchen Hood Cleaned?

Here at Hot'z, we emphasize the importance of regular restaurant kitchen hood cleaning. Your kitchen's hood harbor a lot of smoke and oil vapors. Without proper cleaning, all of this muck and dirt will recirculate in your restaurant. That means food contamination, which could be bad for business.

This is why we offer full kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Houston, Texas. Whenever you need kitchen hood cleaning, call us, and our technicians will get it done. Instead of doing DIY cleaning, our technicians will perform safe and professional cleaning with the right tools.

Remember that Houston, Texas laws require regular exhaust and hood cleaning. If not, your business not meet sanitary inspection requirements, and you can't open your kitchen.

Above all, regular restaurant kitchen hood cleaning will keep your employees healthy. Dirty hoods contribute to poor indoor air quality, among other problems. At Hot'z, we can fix this problem wherever you are in Houston, Texas.

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How often should kitchen hoods be cleaned?

Here at Hot'z, we recommend regular restaurant kitchen hood cleaning at least every year for hoods over non-grease appliances. For oven hoods, we recommend professional cleaning twice a year. Meanwhile, hospital kitchens, cafeterias, and other restaurants should get hood cleaning every quarter.

If you’re looking for reliable kitchen exhaust cleaning services in Houston, Texas, don’t hesitate to call Hot’z. We offer NFPA96 fire code-compliant kitchen exhaust cleaning for your peace of mind. Our cleaning service includes the vents, ducts, and filters for a complete service. Our cleaning team will also check your fan belts for proper tension and good condition.

With our professional hood cleaning in Houston, Texas, your business’ safety is guaranteed.