Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Hot'z provides kitchen exhaust cleaning services to keep your kitchen clean, safe and compliant. Our goal is to provide you with the best service possible at a price you can afford.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning services always include:

  • NFPA 96 Fire Code Compliant Cleaning
    • Includes Hood Vents, Ducts, Fans & Filters
  • All Stainless Steel Surfaces Polished
  • Fan Belts Checked for Wear and Proper Tension
  • Fan Bearings Greased

Fire Suppression Inspections

Additional Services:

  • Rooftop Grease Containment Systems
  • Clean-out Ports
  • Fan Hinge Kits
  • Storefront Cleaning (Parking Lot, Drive-thru and Sidewalks)

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Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Houston, TX

A commercial kitchen prepares hundreds of meals every day. This process accumulates dirt and grime all over the place, especially the kitchen hood.

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is a must for all restaurants, hotels, and establishment owners. Food preparation areas should always be squeaky clean to prevent contamination and potential health issues.

You should always hire a kitchen hood cleaning company you can trust. Regardless if you have a large or small commercial kitchen, the provider should always observe the highest sanitary standards.

Unlike typical residential kitchen hoods, commercial versions are more complicated. All the grease and smoke must be wiped clean to comply with various sanitation codes and ordinances in Houston, TX.

You must schedule regular commercial kitchen hood cleaning. Large food establishments should conduct hood cleaning monthly. Meanwhile, smaller commercial kitchens can perform the cleaning quarterly.

At Hot’z, you can get reliable hood cleaning for a competitive cost. Call us and we will service your commercial kitchen!

How Hot'z Can Benefit You in Kitchen Hood Cleaning

At Hot’z we offer a cost-effective and reliable hood cleaning with kitchen fire suppression inspections. We also abide by the NFPA #96 fire code as well as various health codes. We always strive to keep your kitchen safe and clean. As an indispensable area of your establishment, it’s our responsibility to keep your kitchen compliant all the time.

We serve the Houston, TX area as well as the Southern Texas area. With our help, you can become one of the go-to restaurants in your locality. Call us and we will give you a free and zero-obligation estimate.

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Why Do Commercial Vent Hoods Need to Be Cleaned?

Commercial vent hoods are responsible for handling the vapors produced while cooking. These vapors must be expelled to prevent odor and smoke building up, as well as the spread of contaminants inside an establishment. A commercial establishment often deals with massive food preparation, which also produces large amounts of grease vapor.

Vent hood systems are equipped with large exhaust fans that draw out air. This will also remove heat, smoke, soot, and other odor-bearing vapors in the kitchen area.

These hoods are often located on top of ovens, fryers, grills, steamers, and other cooking surfaces. As you cook, the grease-laden vapors will be sucked out of the kitchen to prevent it from circulating. This is the reason why all food establishments must have vent hoods in place.

Vent hood systems can come in either ducted or ductless types. Ducted hoods help remove steam while preventing condensation buildup. On the other hand, ductless hoods are only effective in eliminating odors.

Why is it Essential to Clean Extraction Hoods in a Kitchen?

As the contaminated air passes through the ducts and fans, it leaves sediments and streaks of dirt. Over time, these contaminants will accumulate. If not cleaned regularly, the contaminants will recirculate and contaminate not just the air but also the food being prepared.

Extraction hoods must be cleaned every quarter with the help of professional commercial hood vent cleaning services. Some establishment requires frequent cleaning depending on the type of fuel they use as well as the speed of contaminant buildup through the hoods and ducts.

professional hood vent cleaning services

Most importantly, local codes have specific rules that require vent hood cleaning to prevent fires and contamination. A kitchen hood cleaning company will be your partner for this task.

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